Sight Words

by Hollie Griffith

on December 1, 2015
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Today…..I’m talking all about SIGHT WORDS!
I love EVERYTHING about teaching reading!  Little minds making meaning through reading… The moment when that struggling reader begins to take off… The look of pride when that same struggling student reads a passage FLUENTLY… I LOVE it all!
As educators, we all know that our
students must master their sight words to develop fluency. So…here are a few of my favorite activities to develop sight word fluency.
1. This sight word/word wall printable is great to have on hand!  I don’t use it in my classroom every week, but I use it a lot!  You can grab it for FREE HERE.


2. I LOVE using sight word notebooks!!! Individualized sight word instruction can be so tricky and time consuming. Over
the years, I have spent endless hours quizzing students on their sight words
and writing new words on index cards.  It
has always been a pain keeping track of individualized lists and cards!  Now that I use sight word notebooks, all of my students have the opportunity to
learn sight words at their own pace by reading 10 words and phrases at a
time.  As the list and phrases are
mastered, students get to add a sticker to their card and move up a level! Each
word list and phrase is given a number so that it is easy for me to
monitor progress. My kiddos are so excited and motivated to move up a
level!  I LOVE keeping student notebooks
in their individualized book bins so that they can read their words and phrases multiple times
throughout the day. The following pictures are from my Sight Word Notebook that I FINALLY posted yesterday. If you’re interested you can find it HERE. However, you could set up a sight word notebook just by simply typing your word list, creating some phrases, and then pasting them in a notebook for each child.







3. Another way I like to practice sight words is to say and spell them in funny voices!  This is perfect for small reading groups who are working on the same words!  Some of my favorites… robot, opera, country, rap…. My kiddos LOVE this!!!
4. Sight Word Ninja – With this app students get to slice sight words.  It’s a fun way to get students to read.
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5. Sight Word Lists – This app lets you create your own list or use one of the six lists provided.
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And there you have it…. Some of my all time FAVORITE sight word activities. Be sure to check below to see more great ideas from other iTeachFirst bloggers!

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