St. Patrick’s Day Escape Room Adventure for 1st and 2nd Grade

by Hollie Griffith

on February 21, 2024

Looking for a fun and educational activity for St. Patty’s Day? Our Language Arts St. Patrick’s Day Escape Room has got you covered! It’s super easy to set up, and your students are guaranteed to have a blast while learning at the same time.

The Challenge

To complete the mystery of Larry Leprechaun’s missing pot of gold your students will work in small groups, use their detective notes, and solve language tasks to discover the culprit. You might want to surprise your students with a pot of gold treat after solving the mystery.

Help! Larry Leprechaun wants to have a Saint Patrick’s Day party for all of his friends, but someone stole his pot of gold! Without it he can’t buy party supplies. Will you find out who has his gold?

St. Patrick’s Day Escape Room Clues and Tasks

  1. Secret Message (Clue #1): A hidden message awaits the young detectives. By using the provided key to crack the code, students can discover the name of the innocent party who did not steal the pot of gold.

  2. Homonyms Challenge (Clue #2): Engage in a playful exploration of words with multiple meanings. Using picture cards, students match homonyms and record their findings in their detective notes, eliminating potential suspects in the process.

  3. Phonics Patterns (Clue #3): Delve into the world of phonics as students unscramble letters in each word using hints provided. By listing the correctly unscrambled words in their detective notes, students can exclude suspects from the investigation.

  4. Main Idea and Key Details (Clue #4): Encourage critical thinking as students identify key details supporting a main idea, effectively absolving individuals from being the culprits behind the theft.

Digraphs and Trigraphs (Clue #5): Explore the intriguing realm of digraphs and trigraphs as students sort cards to determine the innocent suspect based on the number of associated cards

The Reward

Once your students crack the case and find that elusive pot of gold, why not treat them to a yummy pot of gold snack as a reward? This immersive escape room isn’t just about solving puzzles—it’s about enjoying a tasty treat together to celebrate their victory!


So, are you ready to ignite the spirit of discovery and problem-solving in your classroom this St. Patrick’s Day?

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