I can’t even believe it’s almost NOVEMBER. My baby is THREE. It doesn’t seem right! He should still be in diapers!!

I’m loving this school year!!! I love my class… I always do!! BUT… it’s extra special having my girls at school with me each day!! 

Our five minute car rides to and from school sure are eventful… ha!

And… I just finished and posted my unit on prefixes. We learn about prefixes in the spring… but I’m going to go ahead and show you my plans and what is included… Just in case you teach prefixes and suffixes earlier than I do!

Day 1 – I always introduce prefixes with an anchor chart. I like to make the chart ahead of time but have my students come up with the words. We use Kwikstix ALL THE TIME in my classroom. I like to pick students to paint the meaning and underline the base word. 

Then, when I’m in guided reading groups, I’m going to let groups of students work together to complete puzzles!

Day 2 – After reviewing prefixes and helping my students come to the conclusion that they can use prefixes as a clue to the meaning of a word, we’re going to play a board game to learn/memorize the meaning of five different prefixes. My students LOVE games so I try to incorporate games whenever possible!

Day 3 – We’re going to make a mini FoldUp Book. My kids will sort words with prefixes, write the meaning, and then store the words in the mini book.

Day 4 – We’re going to complete an interactive notebook page.

We will also play Prefix Task Card Scoot/Write the Room. I’ll hang task cards around the classroom. My students will go around the room, read the word, then use their knowledge of prefixes to figure out the meaning of the word. I’ll probably do this during guided reading groups!

Day 5 – I’m most excited about this super cute craft! We will also complete a quick prefix assessment!!

Also, with a few of my guided reading groups we’re going to have fun with my prefix brochures! These passages are interactive, fun, and perfect for learning prefixes while keeping the focus on reading for comprehension.

And there you have it… Click on the unit covers to be taken to each unit!

AND… If you love Kwikstix as much as I do… Use code Hollie10 to save 10%!!

Happy teaching!!!



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