The Mystery of the Hot Cocoa Thief: A Language Arts Escape Room for 1st and 2nd Graders

by Hollie Griffith

on January 5, 2024

Escape rooms are a popular and engaging way to challenge students while they learn. In this language arts escape room designed specifically for 1st and 2nd graders, students will work together in small groups to solve language tasks and uncover clues to discover who drank all of the hot cocoa. This exciting activity will not only enhance their language skills but also encourage teamwork and critical thinking. So, grab your detective notes and get ready to join Cocoa Cody in his quest to find the Hot Chocolate Thief!

Brrrrr! Cocoa Cody and his friends have been playing in the snow all day, and now they’re craving some warm and delicious hot chocolate. However, there’s a problem – someone has drunk all the hot cocoa! The mystery begins here as the students embark on a mission to help Cocoa Cody find the Hot Chocolate Thief.

Clue #1 – Consonant Blends: In this clue, students will learn about consonant blends, which can appear at the beginning or end of a word. They will sort words to the correct suspect, eliminating those who have the most words. The suspect with the most words did not drink all the hot chocolate and is not the thief.

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Clue #2 – Key Details: Reading comprehension is essential in solving the mystery. Students will read the text and learn how to make hot chocolate. Each suspect has a step to make hot chocolate, but one of them has a wrong step. The suspect with the wrong step is not the thief.

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Clue #3 – Text Features: Understanding text features is crucial for effective reading and comprehension. Each suspect has a text feature associated with them. Students have to sort the provided examples to the correct suspect. The suspect with the most cards is not the hot chocolate thief.

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Clue #4 – Long and Short Vowel Sounds: The distinction between long and short vowel sounds is important for decoding words. In this clue, students will sort words to the correct suspect based on their vowel sounds. The suspect with the most words did not steal the hot chocolate.

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Clue #5 – ABC Order: Putting the final pieces together, students will solve the puzzle. Each piece contains a word that will help them, but they have to figure out how. The person depicted in the final picture is not the hot chocolate thief.

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By successfully completing all the clues, students will uncover the identity of the Hot Chocolate Thief. This language arts escape room not only develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills but also reinforces important language concepts such as consonant blends, key details, text features, long and short vowel sounds, and alphabetization.

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To celebrate their detective work, consider surprising the students with a delicious hot chocolate treat. This activity will not only engage and excite your students but also foster a love for language arts and collaborative learning. So, gather your young detectives and get ready for an immersive and educational adventure as you join Cocoa Cody in the search for the Hot Chocolate Thief!

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