We made it to FEBRUARY! January was SO LONG! No snow days and barely a dusting of snow on the ground here in Kentucky. I usually like one good snow… but now I’m ready to skip the rest of winter and move right on to spring!!!

We also just had our 100th day of school… A few highlights include shirts with 100 things, 100th day glasses, cookies, and a fun 100th day Fruit Loop graph!!

Anyway… I just finished up Dictionary Skills so I’m going to show you everything included!

I organize all of my Hands-on Reading units by days… but you can always adjust the plans to fit your needs!!

Day 1 – Dictionary skills are introduced with a fun PowerPoint presentation. Students get to explore their dictionary, learn how to use a dictionary, and then go on a dictionary scavenger hunt. I like to let my students use markers and slates!

Day 2 – Students complete an interactive notebook page to label the parts of a dictionary. Day 3 – Review ABC Order with a class game and recording sheet! I’ve included two options for this game!! I’ve also included an extra ABC order practice sheet!

Option 1 – Group students into small teams of 4-6. Each team gets a bag of word cards and each student must take a card. The first team to be in line in ABC order is the winner. (Sometimes I like to have my students complete this activity as a silent game. They can only use their hands and body to communicate!)

Option 2 – Divide the class in half. Have each student grab a card from the bag and line up in ABC order. The team that gets in line first is the winner!

Day 4 – Students get to make a Mini FoldUp Book and sort entry words by guide words.

Day 5 – Dictionary Skills Scavenger Hunt

Day 6 – Students look at a spelling list to find words that are misspelled… then they look up the words in the dictionary and spell each word correctly.

Day 7 – Hang task cards around the room or put them on different tables. Students must go around the room and answer the questions on their recording sheets. There are 15 cards in this set. Students have to find the entry word that belongs between the guide words, find the guide words that would be on the same page as the entry word, and read several definitions and answer questions.

Day 8 is COOTIE CATCHERS – The truth is… my kids are obsessed with Cootie Catchers right now! I just had to add it to this unit! After students follow the directions to make the Cootie Catcher they play a game to reveal a vocabulary word. They work with their partner to look up the word in the dictionary and write a definition.

And last but not least… I’ve added a quick assessment!

You can find this unit HERE in my TpT shop!!! ALSO… make sure you check out the HGTeaching club…. Soon, you will be able to download videos and I will teach and model EVERY SINGLE lesson and activity!!!

Have a great weekend!!






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