HG Phonics Club: Building Fluency and Confident Readers

by Hollie Griffith

on January 23, 2022

There are no words to express how excited we are about the launch of the HG Phonics Club!!! If you’re a first or second grade teacher, read on to see what it’s all about…

What is the HG Phonics Club?

The HG Phonics Club is for first and second grade teachers OR parents who are teaching children to READ. As a first grade teacher, my main goal is to develop young readers… students who LOVE to read… students who can pick up any book and read for enjoyment… fluent and CONFIDENT readers!! That’s why the HG Phonics and Fluency Club was born.

We know our students need…. SYSTEMATIC PHONICS INSTRUCTION and METHODS TO IMPROVE FLUENCY. They need to learn a phonics pattern and then be given MULTIPLE opportunities to practice that skill… we’re talking building words, decoding drills, decodable readers, passages… because after all… The only way to go from slowly blending words to a point where the words are recalled automatically is…  PRACTICE!!! How do we get better at anything without practice. AND… that’s why the phonics club was formed… In my classroom I have some great leveled texts… which I LOVE. BUT, I just didn’t have enough decoding resources to give my students the practice they need.

The HG Phonics Club has it all! It’s organized by phonics skill and you get phonics, decoding, word work, fluency activities, and games for each phonics pattern!!!

Here is an example of the activities included with each pattern.

Decoding Drills – These are perfect for the first few minutes of guided reading group! I have the drills on the table, ready to go… my students come to group, begin whisper reading, and no time is waisted! It also gives me a minute to walk away from my small group table to make sure the rest of my class is on task.

Phonics Games  – My students LOVE games! These are perfect for a literacy station or center!

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Decodable Readers  – Print, fold, and these decodable readers are ready to go! They come in color and black and white… they also come with comprehension questions!

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Get Up and Move Word Sorts  – I hang words ALL OVER my classroom! My students have a blast searching, recording, and then highlighting words. I use these every Monday morning to introduce the new phonics pattern. 

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Phonics Fast Reads – Print and fold… and you have the perfect decoding practice! Use in guided reading groups, with partners, independently, and then send home to practice more!!

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Phonics Brochures – Phonics Brochures are a student favorite in my classroom!!!!

Word Work – I use these as a station/center… Find it, Frame it is a favorite! My students love searching through books to find words with the pattern. If they can fill up the boxes they write words on the back of the paper. It’s always a contest to see who can find the most words!

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Learn more about the HGPhonics club HERE! 


Find everything you need to streamline your phonics and fluency instruction.

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HG Phonics Club
Find everything you need to streamline your phonics and fluency instruction.

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