I am SOOOOOO HAPPY to have finished my handwriting bundle!  Well, I actually have a few more units to add to the bundle… but at least it is finally BUNDLED!
At the end of the school year, my first grade team teachers and I all agreed to put more focus on handwriting instruction!  Actually, we all decided this as a school!
The problem is that I HATE dislike teaching handwriting.  It. is. boring!!! The kids whine!  I whine! I know it’s important for first graders!  I know I NEED to put more of an emphasis on handwriting instruction!
So… I set out to create something FUN! 
No more simply copying letter after letter!!!!
This handwriting program is fun, engaging, and interactive. And… it teaches correct handwriting formation and reviews phonics skills and sight words at the SAME TIME!
This program uses a “house” with an attic, main floor, and basement as a visual to reinforce correct letter formation. It adds a little FUN to handwriting as students get to spin, roll, house, box, and create various spelling patterns, words, and sentences.
Unit 1 reviews correct letter formation!

Unit 2 focus on digraphs and blends…

Unit 3 is all about those tricky r controlled vowels and magic e…
I added letter boxes to unit three to reinforce the formation of each letter.
Unit 4 focuses on vowel teams…

Unit 5 is all about prefixes and suffixes…

Unit 6 reinforces reading and writing the first grade Dolch sight words…

The second and third grade Dolch sight words will be added by the end of August!
I am beyond EXCITED to begin implementing this handwriting instruction right away!  I just know that there will be no more grunts and moans over handwriting instruction this year!  
I’m thinking about implementing a handwriting wall of fame!  Any ideas?
If you are interested in the handwriting bundle you can find it HERE. You can also purchase each unit individually.


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