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I LOVE December in the classroom! My students are always extra excited and it’s fun to take a break from normal instruction to review skills and complete some fun holiday activities. December can also be a little crazy… Nothing ever seems to go as planed! And the schedule… what is with the crazy December schedule?!? There’s always an added holiday play, orchestra concert, or surprise guest. Throw in the winter party… and the mid year testing that we try to squeeze in! WOWZERS… now that I think about it… I LOVE December but I’m also glad when it’s over!

During the month of December I always have some things ran off and ready to go… just in case the day changes and I don’t want to go on with my normal plans!! 🙂

With that said, I always use our Holiday unit! And… it is completely UPDATED! I’m going to show you everything included! Some activities will need to be planned… however, we designed many activities so that they can be printed on white paper and ready to go.

But… before I share our updated holiday unit… Have you ever done a holiday sock exchange?!?! If you haven’t you should totally give it a try! I always have a few winter socks on hand for the students who don’t celebrate Christmas. I let them wear their socks all day and it is SO FUN!!! Last year we did the exchange during our winter party! Here’s how it works…

  1. The kids get in a circle
  2. Turn on some holiday music
  3. Put two or three packages in the circle. The kids keep passing the socks until the music stops.
  4. If you have a package in your hand when the music stops you leave the circle and open your socks!
  5. Repeat… until all of the socks are gone!
  6. ****I always have 3-5 extra pairs of socks just in case a boy gets a girlie pair etc.

Now… on to the Holiday Unit.

  1. Mooseltoe – This one will need to be planned! BUT… it makes the cutest bulletin board! This read aloud focuses on problem, steps to solve the problem and solution.


2. Olive the Other Reindeer – This book companion focuses on theme and it includes a super easy craft! All you have to do is print on white paper!

Also… I watch the movie every single year! I just use the youtube link! The kids LOVE IT!!! I usually have them complete the comprehension questions as they watch the movie!

3.Snowman at Christmas – This is one that I always have printed and ready to go for the right moment!

4. A New Improved Santa – This one is a favorite!!! My students always love designing a new suit for Santa!

5. Tacky’s Christmas – This activity reviews character traits!

Also… there are some print and go language arts review sheets….

And… the cutest elf ears with a writing activity! We ALWAYS make these hats on the day of our winter party!

Last but not least… A reindeer glyph and some holiday themed language arts centers!

I think that’s everything included… You can grab the unit HERE!

We also just added a Nonfiction unit all about reindeer, a gingerbread unit that compares stories, a holiday escape room, and Memoirs of an elf…. I’ll tell you all about these new units later, but for now you can check them out on TPT HERE!

Have the best day!



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