Thanksgiving Escape Room Mystery – The Case of the Missing Thanksgiving Dinner

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Anyone else love a quick and easy escape room?!?! Students love working in groups to solve a mystery and I LOVE when my students are engaged, learning, talking and having FUN! I also love it when something is PRINT AND GO! This escape room activity is perfect for the days leading up to Thanksgiving break!!

With that…. we bring to you The Case of The Missing THANKSGIVING FEAST.

First, students are presented with the problem…. Chef Turkey has worked so hard to make his animal friends a tasty Thanksgiving dinner. When SUDDENLY the food is GONE! Chef Turkey needs your help to find out who stole his feast.

To complete the case of the missing Thanksgiving feast your students will work in small groups, use their detective notes, and solve language tasks to discover who took the food! This mystery is perfect for first and second grade students!

You’ll want to start out by putting your students in groups of 3-4. Each student will need a journal that includes the problem, the suspects, and detective notes (basically a recording sheet).

The clues don’t have to be completed in a specific order! I like to have 2-3 copies of each clue and switch out between groups as they finish!

Clue #1 (abc order) – Work with your team to put the puzzle together. The puzzle makes a picture of one suspect. Whoever it is did NOT steal the feast.


Clue #2 (senses) – Words can appeal to your senses. Sort the words to the correct suspect. Whoever has the most cards did NOT take the Thanksgiving dinner.

Clue #3 (story elements) – Read the story. Each suspect has a story element from the text. One suspect has their answer WRONG. This suspect is NOT the food thief!


Clue #4 (text features) – Each suspect has a text feature. Sort the cards to the correct suspect. Whoever has the most cards did NOT steal Chef Turkey’s food.

Clue #5 (main idea and details) – Read the text and identify the main idea. Each suspect has a detail, but one of their details was not used in the text. Whoever that is did NOT steal the dinner!

We hope your students have a blast reviewing language skills and discovering the case of the missing Thanksgiving dinner. At the end of the game you could mix in some different snacks…. maybe pretzels, marshmallows, M&Ms, popcorn, etc. and call it a Turkey Feed Feast!!!

Grab the mystery HERE!

Grab the bundle HERE

***UPDATE – I thought it would be fun to have a Thanksgiving Turkey Feed Feast after completing the mystery! Grab this activity for FREE HERE!

Have the best day!!!!



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