I can’t believe I’m writing this post… I REALLY can’t believe I’m already back in the swing of all things SCHOOL. I decided to keep my same Farmhouse Flair Neon theme this year. I was crazy busy this summer creating classroom decor… I fell in love with the Farmhouse Flair Magnolia and the Farmhouse Flair Cactus, but I was really just too lazy to change up my  room again this year.

But then… After the first three days of school, I decided to rearrange. I always seem to do things like that… at the last minute… when I really don’t have the time! However, I think I’m going to like my small group table in the center of the room. It has always been backed up in the corner.

One of my favorite things of being a teacher right now is that my two girls go with me everyday. Sophie is in 2nd grade and her classroom is right  next door to mine. Addie is in the first grade and she is right across the hall. My girls are getting big but I still get to keep them close, for at least one more year.

The first week I always spend an ample amount of time dancing on the tables and I always keep a large supply of  Jitter Juice on hand. We also do some learning. We discuss the classroom rules/procedures, complete so many  All About Me activities, make a few crafts, and I always love starting with a Kevin Heinkes author study.

Jitter Juice

Classroom Rules

Highlight of my Week

In math we explore math manipulatives and learn how we are mathematicians. We also complete a TON of other activities that allow us to explore our classroom, meet our new friends, and just HAVE FUN!!!

We also made SLIME… I’m really not sure what happened to our slime this year… It was a mess but the kids had so much FUN!

I have to say… I did enjoy the first few weeks of first grade. BUT… that teacher inside me is ready for routine.  My small group table is waiting on me and I’m so ready to get started. It also does get a bit old reviewing and practicing the same procedures 572 times…ha!   I hope ya’ll had as much fun as I did the first few days of school. Keep up the good fight and keep inspiring those Kiddos!




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