Holidays Around the World

by Hollie Griffith

on November 22, 2013

I feel like I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus!!!! Part of the problem is that my family can’t seem to stay healthy this year!  We have passed a terrible virus around like it’s the plague!!! Hopefully we are on the mend… EXCEPT for the fact that I have to get my wisdom teeth out on Monday. So, that just means that I’ll be missing more school!! Anyways…..

I did manage to get my Holiday Extravaganza finished….
Call me CRAZY… but I love the holiday jitters that all of the kiddos get leading up to Christmas Break!!! I find that is especially fun to channel those “jitters” and curiosities into the direction of LEARNING!!! This unit uses the book Horrible Harry and the Holidaze to learn about Three Kings’ Day, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Korean New Year, Chinese New Year, & Christmas.  Here’s a little sneak peek….



I decided to include two different comprehension guides to this unit.  One will be for my very advanced first graders.  It includes the skills and strategies that they need to be challenged and successful.  It would probably be perfect for a second grade classroom.  The second guide is much easier.  It will give the students in my room who usually don’t read chapter books the chance to listen to the story and complete some comprehension questions.


We’re going to be “KINGS” when learning about Three Kings’ Day. I’ll probably let them decorate the crown with glitter!!


This cute little hat goes along with Kwanzaa… My kiddos LOVE making hats!!
As we learn about Hanukkah we are going to be painting menorahs and writing poems, making dreidel treats and writing about it, and comparing fiction and nonfiction.  There are a TON of cute Hanukkah stories!!



And… we finally get to Christmas.  My students will be making these cute little BME Christmas Tree flap books.  It will go with any Christmas story.
 We are also going to read Christmas Is… by Gail Gibbons and complete a comprehension guide.
I have included a TON of other activities in this unit…Math games/stations, writing activities (opinion & informational), seasonal interactive notebook pages, literacy stations, and SO MUCH MORE.



I almost forgot about the table headers



Head HERE to check it out if you are interested!  My Christmas Extravaganza should be posted by this weekend!! Happy Friday!!!

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