January… Here I Come!!!

by Hollie Griffith

on January 2, 2014
The last few weeks have been a bit of blur!!! We had an amazing Christmas (SIX times) Yes, we got to experience Christmas at six different houses!  We were definitely exhausted, but also feel so blessed to have healthy grandparents! I’m treasuring these exhausting moments because I know it won’t last forever!  Not only did we have a fun Christmas, but I turned 31 and we took a fun trip to the Cincinnati Zoo… Then, to end Christmas break with a bang I had to get my wisdom teeth out!  So my cute little munchkins are at Nan and Paps tonight while I am sitting with an ice bag on my head!
With all the business of the holiday, I am SOOOO glad that I got my classroom organized and my plans finished before winter break! All of the holiday decorations are down and I am excited to get the hallway decorated with snowmen, globes, and much more!  Here is a little sneak peak of what we are going to be up to next week!
It’s all about SNOW….
This unit includes these cute table headers that are now hanging in my classroom…


It also includes..


While creating these games, I really focused on the Common Core Standards as well as the Map DeCartes. Most of these games/stations focus on vocabulary and cover RIT ranges 170-220! I know that is a huge range… I plan to use many of the games in my guided reading groups, and some of the games with my entire class.  It all just depends on the needs!!
I’m happy to say that my stations are READY TO GO! I just keep everything in clear tubs! The response sheets are stacked on the bottom!



This unit is jam packed with activities!  I am so excited!  Here is an idea of what you’ll find inside!


This is a list of the nonfiction comprehension guides that we will be using!
Here is the example of one of the text features sheets…
And Fiction… I will have one of my guided reading groups reading The Snow Day From The Black Lagoon… my kiddos love the Black Lagoon Books this year!!
We are going to make this cute BME hat after reading Sneezy the Snowman…


Of course, we have quite a few science experiments planned!!




This unit includes a TON of interactive notebook pages that can be used with ANY wintry story!!!



 I have included a TON of writing activities as well.. these are just a few!







This cute snowman glyph might be my favorite thing!  These cuties will definitely add some color to our classroom.  I have included the glyph, graph, and graph questions!
The good news.. this is just a peek! There is so much more in this HUGE bundle… math stations, games, an informational book/PowerPoint about snow…..and MORE!
 If you are interested you can find it all here.. Snow: A Wintry Extravaganza





Find everything you need to streamline your phonics and fluency instruction.

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