Last Day Blues Read Aloud Activities and Blues Juice Snack

by Hollie Griffith

on May 16, 2024

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As the school year draws to a close, creating lasting memories for your students becomes a priority. One fantastic way to celebrate the end of the year is by using the heartwarming book “Last Day Blues” as a read-aloud. This story captures the bittersweet emotions that come with saying goodbye to another academic year, making it an ideal choice for those final days in the classroom. And to add an extra layer of fun, why not pair this reading with a delicious batch of Blues Juice! It’s the perfect way to bring the year full circle, especially if you started with Jitter Juice on the first day of school.

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Why “Last Day Blues”?

“Last Day Blues” is a delightful story that resonates with both students and teachers. It explores the mixed feelings of sadness and excitement that accompany the end of the school year. By sharing this book with your class, you provide them with an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences, celebrate their accomplishments, and look forward to the future.

The Perfect Companion: Blues Juice

To make this read-aloud even more memorable, consider incorporating Blues Juice, a fun and tasty treat that adds a special touch to your celebration. If your students enjoyed Jitter Juice at the beginning of the year, they will love the idea of bookending their year with another themed drink.

Activities to Enhance the Experience

Our Last Day Blues Book Companion unit is packed with engaging activities that perfectly complement the read-aloud and Blues Juice. Here’s what’s included:

Activity 1 – Read Aloud + Question Guide: Use the provided read-aloud link and question guide to facilitate meaningful discussions about the story. Questions range from recall to application and extended thinking, ensuring that all students are engaged.

Activity 2 – Blue and Bright: Students reflect on what they will miss from the past school year and what they are looking forward to, teaching them to cherish memories while anticipating new adventures.

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Activity 3 – Teachers Over the Summer: A fun writing activity where students imagine what their teacher does over the summer, sparking creativity and humor.

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Story Maps: Practice identifying story elements with two different story map options, enhancing comprehension skills.

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Summer Color-by-Code: Perfect for morning work or free time, this activity keeps students engaged and entertained.

Activity 4 – Class Blues Poem/Poster: Students can express their “last day blues” through poetry or posters, providing an outlet for emotions and reflections.

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Activity 5 – Last Day Cootie Catcher: Students create a cootie catcher to celebrate the last day of school, sharing their summer plans and excitement with each other.

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Activity 6 – Last Day Blues Juice Snack: Follow the included recipe to make and enjoy Blues Juice, celebrating the end of the school year with a refreshing treat. An optional how-to writing template is also provided for those who want to combine snack time with a writing activity.

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Making the Most of the Last Days

As you navigate the final days of school, incorporating “Last Day Blues” and its companion activities can transform a routine end-of-year farewell into a heartfelt celebration. The combination of a meaningful read-aloud, reflective activities, and a fun treat like Blues Juice ensures that your students will leave with fond memories and a sense of closure.

Ready to make the last days of school unforgettable? Check out our comprehensive Last Day Blues Book Companion unit HERE for all the resources you need to bring this celebration to life.

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