Our Class Is A Family Back to School Activities

by Hollie Griffith

on August 9, 2022

I love using the book Our Class is a Family at the beginning of the school year! There is really nothing more important than meeting new friends and forming that classroom community!

This year I wanted to create some new activities to go along with it… so we came up with CLASSROOM FAMILY PUDDING!!!

All you need is… Vanilla Pudding, Nerds, Sprinkles, and Gummy Bears. 

There is a FUN little poem that goes along with it….

Our Class is a family that sticks together like PUDDING. 

We have SPRINKLES of differences that make us unique.

The NERDS show us it is okay to make mistakes. We will never give up, no matter what it takes!

The GUMMY BEARS remind us to have each other’s backs.

We will always stick together. We are a special family!

Last but not least, students use the poem to draw the ingredients in the CLASSROOM FAMILY PUDDING recipe. Then, they tell what each ingredient means.

If you need a quick bulletin board display, print out this school and students can write three ways to help make their classroom a family!

So many more back to school activities HERE!!!!

Now I’m off to prep all things for back to school… my kids start tomorrow and we are not prepared!

Have the best day!


*Looking for more back to school activities? Read this post for 5 growth mindset activities to incorporate after reading The Magical Yet.

Start off the school year with fun and meaningful activities.

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Start off the school year with fun and meaningful activities.

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