In our classroom we have been learning all about prepositions. I usually hate teaching grammar, but these hands-on reading units have made it so much more fun!

I started off by introducing prepositions with a song… These songs were PERFECT!! If you play them, be prepared for a classroom of little singers that will not stop singing ALL DAY LONG.

“Preposition” by the Bazillions

“Preposition Sing Along Song”

Next, we made a quick anchor chart. I am the worst artist so I love that I can use pictures that my students can color.

My students used the anchor chart to complete this printable…

On Tuesday my students had fun playing a preposition match up game. One student got a picture and another student got a preposition/sentence. They had to go around the classroom until they found the person with their matching card. After they made a match they had to write/illustrate the sentence. They then worked together to use the same preposition in another sentence. My students love moving around and working with partners so I try to incorporate that as much as possible.

After the game we added this cute flower to our reading notebooks.

On Wednesday I taped task cards all around the room. My kiddos had to search for the number and then answer the questions.

On Thursday we had fun solving puzzles…

Then, we wrapped up the unit with a quick craft and assessment.

Here’s a complete look at the unit…

You can find all of these activities HERE…

More Hands-on Reading units will be coming SOON…

Have a great week!



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