Virtual Classroom Games – Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving

by Hollie Griffith

on November 22, 2020

It’s November and I’m still teaching first grade VIRTUALLY! We are live for an hour each morning for ELA… my students get a 15 minute break and we’re live again for 45 minutes of math. During those live sessions I do my best to keep my students engaged, working, and moving.

There are definitely moments that I know my students just need a break… so, I created these fun games. I simply share my screen and we all play! I usually do about 10-15 slides at a time! Then we get back to learning.

The first game is called WAVE LIKE CRAZY! In the past, I’ve always played Stand Up Sit Down with my students… but my students have had a lot of fun WAVING LIKE CRAZY! AND… it’s a lot harder to stand up and sit down with headphones on!

Wave Like Crazy Game
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The second game is a VIRTUAL SCAVENGER HUNT. Sometimes we play in teams to see which team can find the item first. Other times I have my kids take their time to find a special item and let them hold up their item to share. Sometimes, the item inspires some journal writing!

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The last game is called THIS OR THAT and it is a class favorite!! My students use hand symbols to show what they prefer!

this or that
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You can find all of the games HERE! They’re great for virtual learning and in person too!

I just finished a December Holiday version… you can find it HERE!


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