2020 has been one for the books! I’ve learned things I never thought I would… I’m using technology to implement my instruction… I’ve learned google slides, google forms, google classroom, google meet, ZOOM… What in the world? THIS IS SO NOT ME! I know technology has its place… But I’m the first grade teacher who lives for the hugs, the dance parties on the tables, the slime, the games, the messes, the glitter, the little scraps of paper all over the floor, the small groups, the conversations, the lightbulb moments… THOSE ARE THE BEST! 

And today… today I have been teaching virtual for FIVE months. And… if I’m being honest, it has gone SO MUCH BETTER than I ever thought it would. I’ve learned A LOT… and… my students are learning too. Not in the same ways, but they are still learning. I’m live for an hour of ELA and an hour for math each day… I also do small groups for about an hour. SO… I am SO MUCH MORE DELIBERATE with my instruction. This year has sucked… but I’ve learned so much that I will take with me! And… I’m making use of every second, and implementing fun things like ELF EARS for Elf Day… whenever I can!

So now I’m going to stop rambling and share with you some games that have been LIFE SAVORS for me! My students love them so much that I just keep creating them!!! I use these games when I can tell that my students just need a break… they need to move.. they need to stop thinking.. and they need to laugh and have some fun so that we can get back to learning.

The first game is called This or That…. The holiday version saved my sanity…  AND, the Winter version has just been added to the set!! My students use hand motions to make their pick! I should also say… I pull these games out about every day and I usually use about 5-10 slides at a time!!

The second game is called Wave like Crazy.… But.. you could also have kids move from one side of the room to the other, or have them stand up/sit down. Wave like Crazy works out perfect for teaching in front of a computer… having them stand up and sit back down with their headphones didn’t work out so well! 🙂

Stand Up Sit Down

And… the last game is scavenger hunt! Sometimes this game makes the perfect writing prompts! AND… my students love switching to tile view and holding up their items to share with their friends!


All of these games (except the scavenger hunt) can be used in person or if your teaching virtually! I’ll be using them FOREVER! Even when we go back to the classroom!!!

You can find the Winter Games HERE… or you can find the Year Long Bundle HERE!

Sending you love, health, and happiness as we enter the new year!



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