Worm Week

by Hollie Griffith

on September 20, 2014
Yep… it really is what you think it is!  WORMS!!!! I’m definitely not a fan, but my kiddos ARE!!! So.. Worms. It. Is.
We started off the week making these cute worm hats. Because, when you learn about worms you have to become worms, right?


We read a ton of worm books…
And we learned A LOT about worms… Did you know that worms are both boys and girls? Who knew??? And, my favorite was learning how worms move!  You see… they have no legs!  So they have to move like a slinky.  They use their muscles to become long and thin, and then they slink up their back end.  You should have seen my kiddos moving like worms!  They were pros!!!
We observed worms….



We made worm habitats




We made before and after observations…
In this picture the worms are beginning to tunnel and mix up the layers of sand and soil.  This was definitely a great visual for learning how worms help the environment!


This week our focus skill was sequencing the events in a story… so I used every opportunity to make the reading/writing connection. We wrote a “how to” piece by drawing/sequencing the building of our worm habitats.


We also made worm pudding!! It was super easy!!  We just used pudding, Oreos, chocolate chips, and gummy worms!  I only used chocolate chips because I needed a fourth step for sequencing. I told them the chocolate chips represented rocks… ha.
By the time we got to the worm pudding my kiddos had done a TON of sequencing activities.  So… they were pros!  I’m really sad that I didn’t get any pictures for you to see!
We also made these cute worm books…


Oh yes… we also wrote some great worm paragraphs using the four square model…
This took a lot of modeling!!! It was our first time writing paragraphs.
This picture is from one of my guided reading groups.



And that’s about it… This week was definitely FUN! Most of the time my kiddos were having so much fun they didn’t realize they were LEARNING.  AND… that’s how I like it!
You can find ALL of these activities in my Wonderful Worm Unit HERE.




Up next week….
It’s no secret… I LOVE teaching with a theme!  We are going to be learning all about Johnny Appleseed, Tall Tales, comparing fiction and nonfiction, learning some important text features, exploring APPLES, and SO MUCH MORE!  And, I promise my apple unit will be finished and posted by tonight.  Even if I am up past midnight…ha!
Here is a little sneak peak…




Have a great weekend!!!!



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