My room is finally DONE!!! I changed it up this year so get ready for a picture overload!

For the past two years I have loved the bright neon and black theme that has taken over my room… But this year I wanted to add some farmhouse elements! I might be a little obsessed with Fixer Upper! So… This year I kept the neon {I just couldn’t make myself get rid of it!!} and added wood grains, shiplap, string lights, and galvanized metal. I LOVE IT! I might be my favorite theme yet!

All of the decor came from my Farmhouse Flair Neon Collection!!!

Here goes… I’ll start with a broad view and then zoom in!

View from the door… {How great are those string lights!!!}

Back of the room…

View from my desk…

My whole group area… I moved this space to the center of my room and I LOVE it!! I love my new rug, too! I ordered it from Amazon.


Front of the room…
FullSizeRender 2

And… A picture with the lights off… I HATE those bright floresent lights! This is how my room looks most of the day! I have four neon floor lamps that light up the room!!IMG_8260

Now for some close ups….

This is my library area… I have my books organized by genre but also reading levels.



I found the cute picture at Kirklands and the metal tubs at Hobby Lobby. The metal tubs hold math supplies. IMG_8263

Here’s a close up…

This bulletin board is at the edge of my library. The tubs are from Really Good Stuff… I love having a place to put everything. I’m also really obsessed with the string lights on the labels.. ha!

FullSizeRender 6

Our classroom rules hang above the board… {Sorry about the glare! The lamination makes for some bad pictures! ha!!}

FullSizeRender 7
I keep my station tubs in the front of the room… I found the lap desks at Michaels for only $5.


You can’t be a teacher without a place for those pencils!!


This is my desk area… I’m not really sure why I still have it.. I NEVER sit there. But it does hold all my junk! If I’m sitting…. I’m at the small group table!


I changed the set up of my room last year… I love that I can be leading a small group but still see everyone in my classroom.


These little boards hang behind my desk. I made them with fabric and cork boards from Walmart.


I love these shelves and tubs that sit behind my desk. The tubs are from the Dollar Tree and the silver bins are from Hobby Lobby. The top shelves hold my supplies and the bottom shelves hold my read alouds.  Last year I organized my books by month and it was the best thing I have ever done.  I NEVER had to search for a book.  I wish I had done it sooner! All of the labels in my classroom are from my Farmhouse Flair Neon Labels.


These tubs keeps me organized each week… Well MOST weeks! I have to be honest and say that some weeks my weekly copies stay in the pink tub in the above picture!! 🙂



I LOVE my shelf from ikea…
FullSizeRender 4

Sorry for the bad picture… but I LOVE the rustic look of my word wall!


This is the board area in the back of my room. I added the calendar pieces to the Farmhouse Flair Neon decor set at the last second.  The black calendar pocket chart came from Really Good Stuff.

FullSizeRender 9

My genre posters hang in the back of my room… I just realized that I forgot to change out the myth poster… ha! I guess I’ll have to get on that! My number line goes around the top of my room.



Here’s a close up of the calendar..


I got these tubs from the dollar store and I love them… They are so bright! I used my Farmhouse Flair Labels for everything! I’m trying really hard to be organized!



Shape posters…


These tubs that stack above the cubbies have saved my life!!!



Behavior chart…

FullSizeRender 5

Job board…


Some other close ups…



IMG_7603 IMG_7552 IMG_7549 IMG_7548


IMG_7607    IMG_7441-1 IMG_7601

And there you have it.. MY HOME AWAY FROM HOME!!!

Farmhouse Flair NEON for the WIN!




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