Tie-Dye Classroom Theme – Farmhouse Flair Black and Pastel Tie-Dye Classroom Decor

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I just added another tie-dye classroom decor set and I want to give you an idea of what each piece looks like all together! I always have a hard time imagining what my classroom will look like when I only look at one piece. This decor set is huge… so I’m going to give you a list of everything included and show you a few pictures. If you want to see all of the individual items included in the bundle… CLICK HERE to go to the bundle… then take a look at each item included in the bundle for a preview.

This set incorporates farmhouse with black and pastel tie-dye. It is full of rustic bricks, lanterns, string lights, galvanized metal, and chalkboards.

Here is a list of everything included in the bundle… I marked the bundle down to 50% instead of my normal 20% because I know you won’t want to use everything included in your classroom.

  • alphabet posters
  • cursive alphabet posters
  • name plates
  • intermediate name plates
  • word wall
  • schedule
  • classroom labels
  • number sense posters
  • shape posters
  • table headers
  • behavior chart
  • classroom rules posters
  • number line
  • color posters
  • genre posters
  • birthday display
  • classroom jobs
  • binder covers
  • calendar pieces
  • bulletin board headers
  • banner
  • welcome back board

Now get ready for a picture overload… I think the classroom labels are my favorite!!! I like to label everything!! There is an editable powerpoint file included! Actually… anything that requires student names or text, I have included editable powerpoint files. But just know… only the text is editable. The designs/colors are not editable.

Like I said… these are only a few pictures!!! But it does give you an idea of how everything looks together! All of my Farmhouse Flair decor sets include the same items for your classroom… just with a different design. You might want to take a look at this classroom reveal blog post of my room last year… It is a different Farmhouse Flair color scheme… but you will see all of the items (with a different color) in my classroom.

Also… if you love the tie-dye but are looking for BRIGHTS…. check out this set!! AND…. stay tuned… a pastel rainbow set will be coming SOON!

Here’s a few more pictures of everything together!!!

Farmhouse Flair Black and Pastel Tie-Dye BUNDLE

Happy decorating!!!



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