Anyone else love the tie-dye trend right now?!? I love tie-dye… but I also love farmhouse! SO… I decided to combine the two with my latest Farmhouse Flair Tie-Dye Classroom Decor. Get ready for a picture overload because I’m going to show you everything included in the bundle!

I’m going to start with the labels because they’re my favorite… I pretty much label everything in my room! My only problem is that the labels make me LOOK organized… I don’t like to see a mess! BUT… sometimes it’s scary to see what I have hiding inside my desk..ha!

I’ve used these tubs for three years… they’re holding up pretty well and they came from the dollar store! I have a big shelf in the back of my classroom and use these tubs to hold all of my math manipulatives.

My students turn in their classwork in these trays!

These labels are perfect for student names! I use a glue gun to paste them inside their cubbies. All of the labels are editable! I actually use a glue gun to hang everything in my room! Shhhhhh…. it’s a secret!

These labels work perfect with my table bins… The bins come from Hobby Lobby. I feel like they’re a little pricey but SO WORTH IT! I’ve used them for the last four years and they’re still going strong!

I use magazine tubs to hold my weekly copies and books! The tubs came from IKEA. I need to get some new ones!

And…. some more labels and tubs!!

This collection has cursive and print alphabet…

My students use our number sense posters every single day… I have them hanging in the front of the room.

I don’t actually use the binder covers… but in case you might want them I included them! They’re editable!

The word wall comes with two different headers… white shiplap and wood windows. The word wall headers would also work great as bulletin board headers.


The classroom rules posters come with an editable PowerPoint file.

The daily schedule is editable too!!

My students refer to the reading genre posters throughout the entire year!!!

This bundle includes calendar pieces!!! I use a black pocket chart and it looks great!

I love the WELCOME BACK board!!! I’m always searching for a quick back to school board. There is an editable file so you can add student names.

The number line goes from -100 to 250. In my room I started at -50 and it goes all the way around the top of my room. My students use the number line all of the time, too!

I always print two of each table header and then glue them together and laminate so that each are double sided. Last year I hung them from the ceiling with black ribbon. It looked great!

Shape posters….

If you use a behavior clip chart…

Job chart… I used to make a job board, but this year I just glued the posters to my wall!

You can use the birthday posters to make a board or hang it directly on your wall. The months come in two different sizes.

Color posters…

I think that’s it… but it’s totally possible that I missed something included! You can find the bundle HERE. You save 50% with the bundle!!  If you don’t want everything… you can also purchase each item individually!

Farmhouse Flair Neon Tie-Dye BUNDLE  

Happy decorating!



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