Five for Friday On Saturday

by Hollie Griffith

on January 31, 2015
I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs for a little Five for Friday FUN! {On Saturday… It’s been a long week!}
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I have finally entered the world of INSTAGRAM… And I now have an instagram account!  I’m a little late in the game… I know!!! Anyway… I’ve decided I’m going to do something FUN!  Every Friday… (at least for the next few months).. I’m going to make one of my TpT products free for an hour or so. You have to follow me on instagram or facebook to be notified of the FREEBIE.


*Like right now* My NEW Arctic Animal unit is FREE for ONE HOUR!!!! Hurry!!!!! It will go right back up to $8.00 soon…… {I know it’s Saturday!!!}
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My husband has taken up a new hobby! I thought he was crazy at first…. But it has really worked to my advantage!!!
He made me this kitchen table and I really love it!!! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the decor… He was going to make me a long white wooden planter box for herbs. But…. The tubs of markers and crayons seem to get a lot of use in the center of the table…. My girls are always drawing and coloring and I really love it!!! So… It will probably stay there!!!
I have this weird space in the corner of my living room.  So…. He also made  this table and I really love it too!!!
It needs a little more decor…. But I like it so far!
And… My sweet Sophie saw me taking these pictures and she thought that it would be better if she were in them. Ha.
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 We’ve been learning about arctic animals this week and we have had so much fun!!!!

We will be learning about arctic animals next week too…
Here’s a little sneak peek at the unit…




You can grab it HERE if you are interested….
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I’ve been drinking this concoction….
{cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, half a lemon, and a little water}

I use a wine glass because it looks good even though it IS NOT!!! However, the cranberry juice and lemon does seem to hide the vinegar taste!!! I began drinking it because I was in search of anything to cure my sinus infection!!!! It WORKED!  Three antibiotics and this crazy drink seems to do the trick!  So… I drink it every morning!
AND… Sophie had the stomach bug on Wednesday night. She threw up all over ME!  I was up all night last night with Addie! My husband had it too…
I STILL DON’T HAVE IT!!! I’m hoping this drink helps!!
I know that I could still get it anytime!  But… here’s to wishful thinking!!!! I’ll keep you updated!!

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 It’s almost February and that means it is so much closer to spring!!! SO….. I’m throwing a big SALE!!!

All of my TpT Products are 20% off for the weekend!

Last, but not least… I took my first selfie… Funny!  I guess the whole “selfie” thing has been going on for a while!!! I figured that when you have an instagram account that also means you have to take a selfie…

We don’t really know how to be serious…
Have a great weekend!!!

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