It’s beginning to look a lot like… Christmas!!!

by Hollie Griffith

on December 4, 2013

Where does time go?!?! Seriously!! It goes faster and faster each year!  Not that I’m counting {I AM}, but it is hard to believe that we only have 10 more school days until winter break!!! I knew we had a limited amount of time to get up some cute decorations… so my class read Mooseltoe on Monday.  We discussed the problem, steps to solve the problem, and solution.  We also made some text-to-self connections with the story.  This might be my favorite activity that we’ve done this year!!!



And… I had to put up my holiday table headers FAST!!!! The Winter ones will be up soon… I guess I better start making those!?!?!


My kiddos definitely had the jitters when they came in on Monday morning!  I have to say.. I’m one of those teachers that loves the holiday jitters.  The kids are so excited… and it just makes learning even more fun!  Especially when you can incorporate holiday activities into your daily learning while still learning skills, strategies, and the common core standards! To help with the jitters I pulled up class DOJO.  If you haven’t heard of  Class DOJO you should definitely give it a try!!  I know a lot of people use this management system on a daily basis… but it is just too much for me to keep up with!  I still like to use my clip system, but Class DoJo is perfect for the days leading up to winter break or those weeks that you know your kids will be extra jittery! My kiddos were seriously PERFECT!! They wanted to earn DOJO points, they loved being monsters, and they were SO EXCITED!!!!
Go to Class DOJO by clicking here. 
We have also been working on plural nouns!!!
My students love using slates… so I had my kiddos pick a noun (holiday related) from a jar! We turned the noun into a possessive noun and illustrated our sentences. The activities can be found here.



Last, we completed this little quiz…


This week my class is also reading Horrible Harry and the Holidaze!!! I just LOVE this book! Normally… we are all about guided reading groups!  It is my favorite time of the day! BUT…. This week we are changing it up!  I have a class set of the book and have been reading a chapter each day! I actually can’t believe how excited my kids have been to have “a reading group with the whole class.” (In their words)
As we read each chapter we learn about a different holiday.  I have also created two different comprehension guides to meet the needs of the students in my class. Yesterday we learned about Three Kings’ Day.  I wish I had taken pictures… but the kiddos had a blast getting candy in their shoes.  We were on a field trip today, but we will be learning about Kwanzaa tomorrow.  I am so excited to make these hats!!!
And… I know my record with blogging!  So… I am going to show a few pics of activities that I am super excited about doing with my class next week! It all comes from my Christmas Extravaganza.
















That was just a little sneak peak… You will find a TON more in my Christmas Extravaganza.  If you are interested you can find it here.  And… My Holiday Extravaganza can be found here. Have a great week!!!

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