Teaching Homophones

by Hollie Griffith

on April 22, 2019

It has been a CRAZY few weeks in my house! A birthday party, a root canal, parent teacher conferences…. shew… Spring is BUSY!!

On the other hand… My students had a lot of fun learning about homophones the past two weeks! Today, I’m going to share all of our FUN!

First, I introduced the topic with a mystery bag. In the bag was a chipped bowl and a bag of chips. I let my students ask yes or no questions until they figured out what was in the bag.

Then… We created an anchor chart. I’ve been using a black and white version of clipart because my students love coloring throughout the week. AND… I’m a terrible artist!

My students used the anchor chart as a guide. They selected a homophone. Used it in two sentences and illustrated the sentences.

On Tuesday we completed an interactive notebook page. EXCEPT… I made a mistake on the eight and ate… I can ALWAYS count on my students to find my mistakes! It’s fixed now…ha.

We also played a fun match up game. I put all of the cards face down in the middle of the room. Each student got a card, then they had to go around the classroom to find the person who was holding their match. Once students found their partner, they used their recording sheets to write the homophone, use it in two sentences, and illustrate the sentences.

On Wednesday we used task cards and recording sheets. I usually hang the task cards around the room, but this week I had them clear off their tables. I’m not sure why I have never thought of this before…

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We also played Homophone Charades… OMG… SO MUCH FUN!

I put these fun homophone puzzles in our literacy station tub… My students were a big fan!!!

Then, on Friday it was time for the craft. I love a fun but quick craft to wrap up everything we have learned!

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The following week we focused on special homophones

On Monday and Tuesday we focused on two, to, and too…

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On Wednesday and Thursday We focused on their, there, and they’re…

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Then we played another quick scoot… AND took a quick assessment!

If you want any of these activities… You can find them by clicking HERE or on any of the pictures! I teach first grade, but this unit will be included in my second grade bundle.

Have a GREAT week!


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